Why do we need VPN? Are there any benefits of Paid VPN? How to find the best VPN service? We covered all these and named some best VPN services.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables users to use the internet securely. It is an encrypted network. Users can access the internet to send or receive data across networks privately. It allows users to browse the internet anonymously by encrypting traffic. It also opens up the restricted content from censorship.

Why do I need a VPN?

The purpose of a VPN is to make your online activity private. You can hide your IP address, browsing history, and personal data on a public network by using it. You can also unblock the restricted content by using VPN. Not only that, but you can also access Geo-blocked services by using regional VPN servers.

VPN Hide your IP address, browsing history, and personal data on a public network

Hide your IP address, browsing history, and personal data on a public network

Best VPN services of 2021

How to find the best VPN service?

There are tons of VPN services available in the market.  We do not get to test all the services. Here are a few of our choices. We made these choices based on our experience and collecting information from reputed reviewers.


Overall, the best VPN available on the market. ExpressVPN uses “Lightway” a VPN protocol developed by them. It makes the experience speedier, secure, and reliable. Though it is not cheap, it ticks all the features.

• Available on all platforms • 94 countries, 160 locations, 3000+ servers, and unlimited bandwidth • Do not keep activity logs • Unblocks video streaming platforms • Topnotch security and speed • 24/7 customer support • 30-days money-back guarantee and many more.
• Expensive • Limited device allowed
ExpressVPN Pricing - Best VPN Service

ExpressVPN Pricing

Speed:  135 Mbps

Price: 1-month plan cost $12.95/month. 12 months package cost $8.32/month and 6 months plan cost $9.99/month.


One of the secure and fastest VPN. If it is not the best it is also not very far behind. It has a large number of servers and tons of features.

• Over 5100 servers worldwide • Double VPN and kill switch • Strict no-log policy • Super-easy user interface • Split tunneling support • P2P and torrenting enabled • 30-days money-back guarantee and many more.
• Do not offer a free trial • All server does not offer P2P
NordVPN Pricing - Best VPN Service

NordVPN Pricing

Speed:  115 Mbps

Price: 1-month plan costs $11.95/month. 1-year plan costs $4.92/month and a 2-year plan costs $3.67/month.

Black Friday 2021 Offer


One of the top VPNs of 2021. It allows unlimited devices policy. It’s a relatively new service founded in 2018. It is growing very fast providing good service at an affordable price.

• Allows unlimited devices (Fair usage policy) • Strict logging policy • Works in China • Supports torrenting and P2P • Offers kill switch, split tunneling, and double VPN. • Unblock most of the streaming service
• Not the best customer support • Fixed IP address
Surfshark Pricing - Best VPN Service

Surfshark Pricing

Speed: 72 Mbps

Price: 1-month plan cost $12.95/month. 6 months plan cost $6.49/month and 2-year plan cost $2.49/month.


CyberGhost has one of the largest server fleets. You will get incredible performance at a competitive price.

• 7100 servers worldwide • Offers cheap long-term plan • DNS and IP leak protection • Multiple encryption protocols supported • 45-day money-back guarantee • No-logs policy
• Do not work in China • Inconsistent speed
CyberGhost Pricing

CyberGhost Pricing

Speed:  57 Mbps

Price: 1-month plan cost $12.99/month. 6 Month plan cost $6.39/month. 2 years plan cost $2.25/month. You can get 2-months free with the 2-year plan.

Black Friday 2021 Offer

Private Internet Access:

PIA is one of the leading VPN service providers. It is good for torrenting. It has a cheap long-term plan.

• Cheapest long-term plan • Encryption option available • Good torrent speed • Allows 10 devices • No-logs policy • Dedicated IP Address
• Does not unblock all streaming options • No free trial • Based on the US
Private Internet Access (PIA) Pricing

Private Internet Access (PIA) Pricing

Speed: 68 Mbps

Price: 1-month plan costs $9.95/month. 3 years plan costs $2.19/month and 1-year plan costs $3.33/month.

How to choose your VPN?

On the market, there are numerous VPN services to choose from. If you are going to shop for a VPN service, you can consider a few things before purchasing.  You have to make your choice based on the requirement.

Here are a few tips

  • You need to make your mind, what do you need? Do you need high speed, reliable connection with unlimited bandwidth? Or you need to unblock the geographically blocked content. Many VPNs do not unblock Netflix’s VPN block. If you need to unblock Netflix, you can use either ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Surfshark, etc.
  • Security is very crucial in choosing the service.
  • Server location is one of the main factors in choosing a VPN. Make sure your wanted locations are available with the provider.
  • If you are not very much into tech, you need to consider the user interface of the VPN service. If it is too complicated, you may find it problematic to use.
  • Payment is a serious consideration. You need to look for a product, which is within your budget and serves your purpose.
  • Good customer service. Also, make sure the product has a money-back option. Otherwise, we will be stuck with a product you do not want.

Benefits Of Paid VPN

  • Ads-free experience.
  • VPN with less speed loss. Paid VPN will provide you with much more resources and higher speed.
  • You can have much more server locations with paid VPN. Free VPN usually provide 3-5 location. You can get thousands of servers using a paid version.
  • With a paid VPN, your data is much more secure. They use end-to-end, AES 256-bit encryption, double VPN, Kill switch, and a variety of protocols to secure your data.
  • They do not share or sell user data.

Free VPN extensions for Firefox

There are some free VPN Add-ons for the Firefox browser. Name a few:

  • Touch VPN: Offer 7-8 countries. Connect easily. Speed is slow in the rush hours. No need to create an account or sign in.
  • Zenmate: Offer four countries. They do not keep logs. Maximum speed 2 MB/s. Zenmate has paid version also.

Free VPN extensions for Google Chrome

There are some free VPN extensions for the Google Chrome browser. Name a few:

Touch VPN and Zenmate extensions are available on Google Chrome. Apart from that, you can also use SetupVPN and DotVPN.

Opera Browser – Built in VPN Browser 

It has a built-in VPN. You do not need any extensions. You need to enable it from the settings. It is not very secure and safe. OperaVPN does not use tunneling protocol and the logging policy is not clear.

VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

Will using a VPN affect my internet speed?

In most cases, VPN will decrease your internet speed. It adds several steps, for example, encryption and decryption. And it causes some delay. You may get 10-15% slower speeds while communicating through a VPN. Also, your internet speed through a VPN may differ based on

  • VPN Server Location
  • VPN Server Load
  • Encryption Type
  • ISP-provided Internet Speed and
  • The capacity of the VPN Provider

Are VPNs secure? / Are you able to trust your VPN service?

VPNs are secured as they use encryption to transfer data. However, it can also be breached. Many hackers exploited loopholes in weak encryption processes to breach data. So, you would possibly want to use a VPN service that is well-reviewed and most appreciated.

Are VPNs legal?

In some countries, VPNs are restricted. However, most countries allow users to use it. However, if you do anything wrong using the VPN service, it may cause you legal trouble.

Should I pay for a VPN?

VPN can be avail through paid or free service. You can choose either based on the requirement.

Free VPN service does not require any subscription fee. So how do they operate without generating any money? They need money to maintain their servers. Here’s how they make money:

  • Collect your private browsing data and sell them.
  • By showing ads.
  • By using your computer as an exit node.

Most of the free VPN service comes with some limitation. You need to choose if you can live with it or not. Drawbacks of free VPN:

  • Free VPN services have security vulnerabilities. They use weak encryption protocols and inferior network structures.
  • Free VPN services mostly have limited resources. They may make your usage and speed limited. By doing this, they prevent their servers from overloading.
  • Free VPN services have fewer server locations. You may not get your desired location to operate from. As a result, you might not be able to unblock your desired content.